In Game Blog 12-2-09

December 2, 2009

Here we go, the Lady Barons are ready to tip things off. They will be facing 6-0 Penn St.-Altoona, hoping to come up with an upset victory.

30 30 Sarah Viancourt


25 Cara Mitchell


  2   Caitlin Donovan   

 12 Jess Belleque   

15Marian Weber

that’s your starting line up.  
  Cara Mitchel opens the game with a jump shot to put the Lady Barons ahead 2-0.

17:27 Foul on Penn State #34 her first. Donovan misses both free throws.

Penn State Turns the ball over on the other end. 

Cara Mitchell’s drive to the basket denied by Penn State #34. 

14:50  Penn State finally gets on the score board with two free throws. 

Both teams are playing slopy basketball.

13:50, 6 minutes into the game and still no sign of scorers.

13:30  #12 Jessica B. knocks down 2 from the top of the ark. 

There isn’t any sign of offense with the score 4-2 in favor of the Barons.

12:39. Full time out by Franciscan University. Foul on #1 Jordan Hennebary.

The Barons are hopefully drawing up some plays to help the offense.

12:19 Penn State fould #44.

12:07 Barons turn ball over on the in bound pass.

11:52 Penn State turns ball over on pass to middle of the lane, well to no one.  The sloppy play continues.

11:23 #1 Hannebery picks up her second foul.

11:00 score is 4-2 in favor of the Barons.

10:39. Penn State #22 caught with the reach her first foul.

10:23 foul Penn State 34(2)

10:23 #15 Marian Weber misses both free throws.

9:40 Foul Barons #3 Jenn Winkle

No points score since 13:30 in the first half.

8:30 in the first half, score is 4-2 in favor of the Barons.

7:00 in the first half  still 4-2

6:52 Penn State # 20 knocks down a 3 pointer from the center of the ark to take a 5-4 lead.

6:18 Marian Weber pick up her second foul.

5:40 Jessica B make a jumper to put the Barons ahead 8-5.

5:00 Penn State #22 make a jumper 7-8

4:27 Penn State A calls 30 second timeout. 8-7

3:28. Foul Penn State #22(2)

3:28 Barons #30 makes 1-2 from the line 9-7

3:10 Penn State #22 2pt jumper 9-9

2:30 #22 hits a 3pt jumper PSU 12-9

1:50 PSU #20 3pt jumper 15-9

1:28 PSU foul #24(1)

1:28 Barons make 1-2 from the line 15-10 PSU

.47 PSU fould #34(2) Barons 1-1

.47. Barons #30 hits both free throw 15-12 PSU

.30 PSU #20 with 2pt jumper 17-12 PSU

End of the First Half PSU leads 17-12.

Both teams are playing sloppy basketball thus far, no sign of a hot hand for either team. We will see what the rest of the game has in store for Franciscan vs Penn St.-Altoona

The Barons enter the Second half of play hoping they can get a few shot to fall. 

20:00 17-12 PSU. Franciscan Basketball to start the second half.

   on the floor for the Barons #33,#2,#25,#12,#15.

19:18 Barons call 30 second time out(1)

19:10 Jump ball PSU ball.

18:52 PSU #24 with the break away lay in. 19-12 PSU.

18:00 PSU laying #22 assist from #24. 21-12 PSU

17:30 PSU lay-up #10. 23-12 PSU

17:11 Barons call a full timeout. 23-12 PSU

16:54 PSU scores off of Barons TO #24 with the lay in. 25-12 PSU

16:30 Cara Mitchell Hits a 3 for the Barons 25-15 PSU.

16:10. PSU #24 with the Lay up. 27-15 PSU

15:50 Foul on Barons #30(1)

15:40 PSU #24 2pts. 29-15. PSU

15:25 Cara Mitchell foul (3)

14:50 PSU #24 with the lay-in 31-15PSU

14:40 Barons TO PSU 2pts #20 from #24. 33-15 PSU

14:05 PSU #24 2pts. 35-15.

13:44 PSU foul #44(3), Barons #30 to the line for 2 shots

13:44 Barons #30 make 1 of 2 from the line 35-16 PSU

13:30 PSU #22 2pts 37-16 PSU

12:41 Marian Weber foul.

12:41 PSU #10 make 1 of 2 from the line 38-16 PSU

12:33 Foul on PSU #10

12:04 Barons foul #1(4)

11:40 Barons 2pt jumper #12. 38-18

11:20 PSU foul #34(3)

10:22 Barons Full Timeout.

9:19 Foul on Baron #15(3)

9:19 PSU #10 misses both from the line.

9:09 Barons foul #15(4)

9:09 PSU #22 makes 2 of 2 from the line. 40-18PSU

8:45 Barons Cara Mitchell foul out.

8:45 PSU #44 make 1 of 2 from the line 41-18PSU

8:20 Jenn Winkle 2pts. 41-20.PSU

8:10 PSU #44 with the easy lay-in off the in bound pass 43-20PSU

7:30 Barons #15 with the 2pt jumper. 43-22 PSU

7:06 PSU calls a full timeout.

7:03 foul #3 Jenn Winkle. PSU in the bonus.

7:03 PSU #3 makes 1 of 2 from the line. 44-22 PSU

6:22 Barons foul #12. PSU #34 to the line for 2 shot

6:22 #34 makes both free throw. 46-22 PSU

5:40 PSU #12 with the wide open lay-up. 48-22

5:17 PSU foul #34

5:17 Barons #15 misses the bonus.

5:02 PSU foul #10

5:02 Jenn Winkle makes both from the line. 48-24 PSU.

4:49. Barons foul #31.

4:49. PSU make first misses the second. 49-24. PSU

3:40 PSU #14 with the break away lay-in. 51-24 PSU

3:20 PSU foul #22.

Barons #31 missed both at the line.

2:35. PSU scores 2 more a great lead pass from #14 to #24 for the finish. 53-24 PSU

2:00 Barons #4 with a 2 of her own to answer back! 53-26 PSU

1:17 Barons #31 make the 2 and the foul! misses the free throw 53-28 PSU

.37 PSU #14 with the wide open lay-up 55-28

                 FINAL Penn State Altoona 55 and The Lady Barons 28.


Time to Move On

December 1, 2009

Notre Dame has decided that it is time to move Their football program in a new direction. Today Charlie Weis was relived of his duties as head football coach at Notre Dame. ESPN first reported early this morning that the firing was official, but it wasn’t until later this afternoon that the University made it official. Athletic director Jack Swarbrick held a press conference this afternoon to announce the Universities decision of buying out the remaining $18 million dollars left on Weis’ contract. So after all the drama at one of the most storied programs in college football, what is next?

There are many speculations about who the next the Notre Dame football coach will be. Who will be bold enough to lead the Irish onto the field come next fall?

The coaches at the top of the list Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, and up and coming coach Brian Kelly. Some might say this is Notre Dames Christmas wish list. Who in their right mind wants to go through what Charlie Weis went through, from being a BCS contender to hearing the boo birds every Saturday afternoon.

You can take Urban Meyer off the wish list for this Christmas right? Because the coach has built a great football team down in Florida, and it would be foolish of him to leave right? Maybe not such a sure thing, Meyer’s number one QB Tim Tebow is on his way to the NFL, so that means Meyer might be looking to start over somewhere new. Lets be real though, why leave a good thing to join the Drama at Notre Dame.

Bob Stoops has a love hate relationship with his fans in Oklahoma, so a fresh start in South Bend might not be such a bad idea for Stoops. With Sam Bradford not coming back next season it would make complete sense for Stoops to move on before he completely loses everything, his pride, at Oklahoma.

The perfect fit would be Brian Kelly, he is a proven re-builder, and a proven winner everywhere he goes. Not to big of a name, but just the right fit for Notre Dame. Bring him in, the contract will be smaller than any other big name coach, so if things go south of South Bend again, it won’t cost them $18 million dollars!

Blogs for all students in class

November 17, 2009

Charles Dickey Rosalie Doudna Monica Hogan James Nicholson Dan O’Brien Jacob Rolf Kenton Schumacher Zach Yonk

Losing the Mojo

November 3, 2009

Michigan football fans are left wondering, ” what in the world is going on!”  The boys in Maize and Blue have been literally “dropping the ball lately. They have lost four of their last five, and the only “W” coming against Delaware State(FCS Division I-AA.) So the Wolverines are on a 4 game losing skid, and the schedule only gets tougher to the season. If Michigan plays the way they did against Illinois, then Purdue will be a tougher game than first thought. Then games at Wisconsin, and end the Season with Ohio State, who has dominated the series in recent years. For the second year in a row the Wolverines are on the verge of not going to a bowl game. Who is to blame for this fall out in Ann Arbor?

Rich Rodriguez had everyone thinking about playing on new years day, but this was in September. The start and end of October has not been kind to Wolverine fans. Leaving many questioning, what year two turn around? This years Michigan team has the talent to win, in my mind, 8 to 9 games this season, but they are 4-4 against D-I schools. Also does this collapse mean that Rich Rodriguez has lost his  team?

While looking over this seasons, I noticed there was one stat that really stood out. In the Wolverines first 4 games, all wins, they only turned the ball over 7 times, compared to the 14 turnovers during the 0-4 skid. Tate Forcier, who was the savior at the beginning of the season is now fighting for his job. Making him question whether or not his coach has faith in him.

What was once bliss in September has turned into, well at least from the looks of things on the fields, confusion. So is Rich Rods job safe or should Michigan look to change things again. Something has to change, someone has to be on the way out.

One option could be replacing defensive coordinator Greg Robinson, teams have been breaking his defensive scheme down easily. The Wolverines are ranked #81 in total defense, and in the big ten it is defense that still wins games.

If there wolverine lose there next three and don’t make it to a bowl game, there must be changes made in Ann Arbor. My hope is that they pull things together to end the season, and at least clinch a birth to a bowl game. My fear however is that they will continue the decline, and finish at the bottom of the big ten. If this happens, changes need to be looked at, perhaps Brain Kelly at Cincinnati will be waiting for a phone call from the University come December.



If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

October 20, 2009

So here we are seven weeks into the college football season and there are many questions that remain unanswered.  The most important question important debate in college football can now begin! To quote Jim Mora, ” Playoffs, we are talking about playoffs,” or should the NCAA stick with the bowl season?   


The playoff format has worked for many years in division two football, and many experts say that is will work for the division one boys. Problem! Even though college football is a huge revenue sport, many sports journalist have to remember that the athletes on the field are students. They have a life outside of college football, and a playoff would force them to play up to sixteen games in a season. That is rather problematic! A college playoff could, if it ever happens, brings a very large check. The student athletes would see none of that money, which would lead to more debate. 


The bowl season, as a college football fan I enjoy seeing the thirty some odd football games that are played over Christmas break. Aside from the, it give schools that have no shot at playing in the playoff format a chance to play for something. A chance to perform in front of a national audience. New years day wouldn’t be the same without the Capitol One bowl, or the Cotton bowl, or the Gator bowl. These are as much a part of the new year as the ball drop. Another case for the smaller schools, these bowl games help there team earn money to keep a program. The bowl games give money to the schools for scholarships, which then leads to more student athletes.


The big business and other people in this argument are worried about one thing their pocket books. 

What postseason?

October 6, 2009

All the postseason spots have been clinched, well except the A.L. central. Now Tigers fans are left asking a very puzzling question, what happened to that 7.5 game lead?
The tigers have had control since may. Problem! Jim Leyland has lost a division lead before, and although the tigers did make it to the playoffs in 2006, it was just barely. Under Jim Leyland, the Tigers haven’t been able to beat the lowly Royals, or any sub .500 team when it matters the most, and that is a problem!
If the Tigers do not win their one game playoff tomorrow in Minnesota. Then it is time to start looking into coaching changes. Jim Leyland has a below .500 winning percentage in the month of september, while coaching for the tigers.
The World Series in 2006, that was great, but lets get real, the tigers have under achieved since then. Professional sports is a, “what have you done for me lately” type of business.
Lately the Tigers have blown a 7.5 game lead, and now they may not go to the postseason!
If the Tigers don’t pull off a win tomorrow, Jim Leyland should not have a free pass because of 2006 world series. Losing a 7.5 game lead is not acceptable. He has lost control of his team, and doesn’t have the passion it takes to make sure his team can hold on. The Tigers had multiple opportunities to win the division last week, but could not win when it mattered the most.
So no win tomorrow night means no postseason for the Tigers, which should make for an interesting offseason.

Hello world!

October 1, 2009

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